How Charitable Giving can Change Your Life (and save it, too)

Exploring some of the mental and physical benefits associated with giving to charity.

We all know that charitable giving is good for the soul – but did you know that it could be good for your heart as well?  Your actual heart.

While we’re all too familiar with the incredible benefits a good deed or a monetary donation can do for our community or organizations doing work to make the world a better place, it turns out there are many mental and physical benefits that our bodies enjoy when we give charitably. 

It Reduces Blood Pressure

Studies have shown repeatedly that charitable giving is directly linked to lower blood pressure.  Long-term health evaluations have determined that even making the occasional donation can help reduce blood pressure – helping to reduce the risk of adverse heart events.

It Alleviates Stress

Potentially related to the reduction of blood pressure, individuals who donate charitably report having a sharp decrease in stress and anxiety afterwards. 

It Battles Depression

With each charitable donation, our bodies releases a burst of serotonin, a critical neurotransmitter linked with modulating mood and feeling good.  By feeding our reward and happiness transmitters, giving to others can help lessen the impact of depression.

It Leads to a Longer Life

Perhaps it is the combination of all the other benefits listed above, but individuals who give charitably often live longer lives.  Whether it is from the reduction in blood pressure, the improved self-esteem and happiness, the lower levels of stress, or the general satisfaction that selfless giving provides – charitable giving can lengthen your life.


At the end of the day, your reason for giving is a personal and individual thing – but with so many benefits for your community, our world, and your body, it seems like charitable giving is the ultimate win-win-win situation.